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GPBA Appeals to the General Public

Georgian Publishers and Booksellers Association is formally requesting the Council of the European Union, the European External Action Service, and the European Commission to consider granting our country the status of a candidate for European Union (EU) membership.


Today, Georgia eagerly anticipates the decision of the Council of the European Union. We firmly believe that being granted the status of a candidate for EU membership holds immense significance for our nation, especially during this crucial phase of our state's development. This decision has the potential to significantly enhance Georgia's peaceful advancement, alleviate existing tensions, and facilitate the transformation of current internal discussions into a more constructive and fruitful dialogue format.


For over 25 years, the Georgian Publishers and Booksellers Association has been steadfastly dedicated to enhancing the educational system and promoting literacy. Following the collapse of the Soviet Union, Georgian publishers encountered major challenges. We lacked the expertise in free enterprise, and the concept of book publishing, as understood in the Western context, was virtually non-existent in the USSR. Despite these obstacles, we managed to swiftly develop our sector. As a natural outcome of our efforts, in 2018, Georgia made a remarkable impression in Europe and globally as a Guest of Honor at the Frankfurt Book Fair. The success achieved at this prestigious event provided us with an extra boost, and today, it is with confidence that we register the availability of the finest contemporary publications in Georgia. These include both original and translated works, showcasing our commitment to literary excellence.


As members of civil society actively involved in the state's development, directly interacting with various social groups on a daily basis, we possess a deep understanding of the sentiments and aspirations of our society. It is this firsthand knowledge that emboldens us to write this letter to you. Your support is of paramount importance for our state. Granting Georgia the status of a candidate for EU membership is crucial, as perhaps nothing else can foster unity within our society.


We strongly believe that Georgia's future lies within Europe. Our European allies have consistently echoed this sentiment, providing us with a glimmer of hope. We eagerly await your favorable decision, which will bring our longstanding goal one step closer to reality.


We are convinced that embracing Georgia, a nation small in territory yet rich in cultural and historical significance, into the expansive European family would be mutually advantageous. Europe truly embodies the concept of "Universitas multiplex," signifying diverse unity, and our country undeniably deserves a place within this unity.





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