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Authentic and associated member of the association may be a commercial legal entity/individual entrepreneur registered in Georgia, the activity of which is publishing and/or book trade and which agrees to the statutes of the association and meets the conditions listed below:

In case of publisher:

a)  Carries out publishing activity and ISBN has been granted to the products issued by it;

b)   Signs the Code of professional ethics (if applicable) and adopts it;    

In case of book seller:

a)     Is a book seller;

b)      Signs the Code of professional ethics (if applicable) and adopts it;

Members are presented to the Association by an authorized person.

Membership categories are:

• Authentic member-member, which pays membership fee and has the voting rights; –

• Associated member-member, which does not pay the membership fee and does not have voting rights and therefore, does not have the right to be appointed in managing authorities, however, has other rights determined for it;  

The entity wishing to become a member of the association shall submit a written application to the association. The application shall indicate which type of membership is requested-authentic or associated. The management will decide about accepting or refusing such entity’s membership, on the first management meeting that will take place after the application’s submission. The management sets out the rules for accepting members and establishes the application form.  

In case an associated member wishes to become an authentic member, it shall submit an application to the association in accordance with the paragraph 4.4., or in case its status of associated member resulted from the non-payment of membership fee in the past, it shall ensure the payment of three months membership fee in advance in addition to the payment of past debts after the submission of the application, in case of the management’s consent, in accordance with the current standards. 

Association members having the same status, own equal rights.

On the basis of the management’s decision, a natural person may be granted with the status of honorary member of the association, for the special contribution made by him/her in the development of the publishing sector in Georgia and active support of the association’s activity. The rights and obligations envisaged by this statutes for association members do not apply on honorary members.

Association member is dismissed in the following cases:

a)     On the basis of its own request; 

b)    In case of authentic member-in case of failure to pay the membership fee, under the procedures established by this statutes;

c)   In case of change of the activity field;

d)    In case of liquidation of the member.

On the basis of a decision adopted by the general meeting, a member of the association may be excluded from the association if its activity does not comply with the objectives of the association or if it significantly breaches the obligations imposed on it and at the same time, breaches the provisions of the code of ethics (if applicable) and does not fulfill the decisions adopted by the managing authorities.   

Authentic members of the association shall pay the membership fee quarterly; in case a member fails to pay the membership fee during two consecutive quarters, the management gives a warning and in case the membership fee is still unpaid during three months after the date of the warning, the organization’s status of authentic member is terminated and it becomes automatically an associated member.  

If there is an objective circumstance, as a result of which, an authentic member is unable to pay the membership fee, the management is entitled to suspend the status of authentic member and the obligation to pay the membership fee for no more than three quarters, if the entity notifies the association about such circumstances. After the expiration of the above-mentioned 3 quarters, the entity becomes an associated member. During the period of suspension of the authentic member status, the entity has the rights of an associated member.

The list of the association’s members (authentic as well as associated members) shall be published on the association’s website and the information is subject to upgrade, after the expiration of each quarter.

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