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World Book and Copyright day in Georgia

April 23 is a World Book and Copyright Day! The tradition of celebrating this day in Georgia is an initiative of Georgian Publishers and Booksellers Association. Since 2007 World Book and Copyright Day has been celebrated annually by various types of cultural events.

History of April 23 is: In Catalonia, April 23 is a day of death of two great  Spaniards Miguel de Cervantes and Inca Garcilaso de la Vega. In addition, this date is considered to be the day of birth and death of Shakespeare. Since 1995, April 23 has become World Book and Copyright Day according to the decision of UNESCO.

In Georgia on April 23 traditionally a one day Book Fair is held, with the participation of different Publishing Houses, as well as Distribution Companies and Booksellers. During the Book, Fair different cultural events take place, like meetings with contemporary Georgian authors, presentations of new books, and various types of children’s activities.  Book lovers are offered special discounts by publishers and distributors.

The aim of the Association, Publishers, and Authors is to demonstrate and promote the importance of this day, as well as books and literacy. In general, the task of Georgian Publishers and Booksellers Association is to involve more people in the event, especially, new generation.


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